Yuletide 2017

Hello, friend! I'm very interested to see what we matched on, and what you come up with! I've provided prompts but don't mind if you deviate for a better idea, and please, please, please, don't confuse number of prompts, their degree of detail, or apparent enthusiasm for having favorites that I want more than the others. Everything is here because it's something I want. If you'd like to find out more about some of things I've written or bookmarked in the past, you can find me on Ao3 under the username Cyren2132.

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Trick or Treat 2017 letter

 Dear Trick or Treat writer,

Thank you for participating this year; I look forward to reading your contribution to a fandom I love. First, a few things about me.: I write what I like to read, so if you're ever feeling uncertain, you might give my AO3 profile some perusal. I've provided prompts but don't mind if you deviate for a better idea, and please, please, please, don't confuse number of prompts, their degree of detail, or apparent enthusiasm for having favorites that I want more than the others. Everything is here because it's something I want.

My likes include but are not limited to time-travel mucking things up, family dynamics (including found families), and characters learning new things about each other or themselves. But I'm also pretty forgetful and don't want anyone to feel shackled to my arbitrary list of "likes I could think of today."  So, in this letter I also have some Do Not Wants, some fandom-specific information and prompts that I hope will be inspiring in one way or another.
A/B/O, soul-bonding, etc. (basically, no relationship dynamic forged by supernatural/mystical means)
Established relationships with no real basis in canon.
Sexual violence or humiliation
Alternate-setting AUs (no coffee shops, high schools, or peasant/royalty here)
Significant age-gap romance (especially between characters with a parent/child, mentor/mentee relationship)

2nd-person/reader fic
Characters: Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III, T'Pol, Lorian, Captain Jonathan Archer, Travis Mayweather
Why I love it: Enterprise had some great characters and set up great stories for them, but rarely really paid them off. But I love, love, love Trip, T'Pol and Archer.
What I wish were better: Trip/T'Pol was dead-end after dead-end, and it was so frustrating. Also, after having such a great third season, it seemed like all these emotions that would "be with T'Pol for the rest of her life," kind of got relegated to the occasional weird expression and were rarely used to facilitate her relationships.

Prompts (in no particular order of preference):


1. I love the Season 3, Ep. 21 E-squared verse so much. Fill in any gaps for the Tucker family. Lorian optional, in case you want to cover early parts OF Trip/T’Pol’s relationship or the pregnancy. But I’d also enjoy dynamics between the three. Or Trip and Lorian. Or T'Pol and Lorian. Or just a focus on the Lorian we get in the episode, who is clearly unsettled but kind of happy to be able to talk to his father again and full of tension with his mother. Or maybe early on when T'Pol and Trip are still being super stubborn about each other even though they both realize something's there, Trip and Travis have a talk upside down in the Enterprise sweet spot, since Travis certainly must have experienced relationship squabbles in space while growing up on a cargo freighter.For reference: More information on Lorian. More on the episode. For my thoughts on it, click here. Pretty much anything you give me with these folks will be loved.
2. Ignore the series finale and show me Trip and T'Pol after baby Elizabeth. Do they find comfort with each other? Do they try to start a family? Do they leave their romantic attempts in the past and become great friends who would never be as frustratingly awkward around each other as they were in that not-too-distant future? Just give me all the Trip/T’Pol, because I love them so.
3. E2-Trip died when Lorian was 14, and it seems like Archer really stepped in to fill the role not just of captain, but as surrogate father-figure to his best friend’s son. Show me their relationship.
4. This one is only tangential to Trip, so I’m not really expecting it unless you're here for Archer, but Similitude is another of my favorite episodes and it just glossed over the engineering team finding Trip, Phlox treating him and Archer getting the news. I’d like to see those scenes, but I don't ship Trip/Archer at all.

Fandom-specific DNWs:
Explicit Archer/T'Pol, but if you take Prompt 3 and want to put them together (without a cheating element between whoever bore Archer's kid) as a point of reference, I wouldn't hate the idea.


Character: Frank Sullivan
Why I like it: This is one of my favorite movies, and it got the TV treatment last year, so I hope interest in it is renewed. It's a great father-son tale that turns into a nice (albeit confusing) murder mystery, and I just love it so much. If you were brought here by another a fandom or need a refresher, it goes like this: John Sullivan is 36 when he dusts off his dad's old ham radio, and thanks to some movie-magic-science-nonsense ends up using it to talk to his dad, Frank, the day before Frank died while fighting a fire 30 years ago. He stops that from happening, but the repercussion is that John's mom is missing from the future, having fallen victim to a serial killer in the 1960s. They work together across time to find and stop her killer before she dies.
Two pair of lines prompt three scenarios for me:
"She just died? Your mother just died?" "No, Dad. It happened a long time ago for me."
1. After this exchange, Frank considers a future without Julia and what it would be like to raise John by himself.
2. Lop off the last half of that conversation, and give me a story where Julia really DID just die in the future and Frank has to talk a devastated John through it.
"Time to die, soldier."
(Said on John's end, heard on Frank's)
3. Frank's forgotten a lot of things in his lifetime, but he's carried those four words in his head for 30 years. Show me Old Man Frank Sullivan, waiting for the day he knows is coming. The day the man who tried to kill his wife will try to kill his son.
Characters: Coach Bobby Finstock, Isaac Leahy, Chis Argent, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski
Why I love it: I've long had an affinity for the adult characters of this show and I love the earlier seasons when they all had regular contributions to the story.
What I wish were better: As the series has progressed, the adults seem less and less relevant, randomly showing up to do one thing and then disappearing into the ether -- even when it makes perfect sense for them to be around -- until some future point when they can drop wisdom and disappear again. And the baby pack may as well not even have parents, but that's not really relevant to my prompts (but I'd be open if you want to explore their relationships to these characters).

1. Coach’s conversation with Meredith in 3.23 Insatiable always made me feel like he knew a little more about Beacon Hills’ supernatural-ness than he ever let on. I'd love to see an exploration of that, either by way of inserting him more fully into the canon stories, as an observer with thoughts on said stories or in the form of Coach backstory.
2. Bobby has a lot of rough edges and isn't exactly the nurturing type. But he hates bullies, and he hates adults who validate bullies, and most of all he hates adults who bully their own kids. So when it comes to the Leahy family, there may not be much he can do, but he’s always got an eye out. 
3. Finstock, Argent, Stilinski and Melissa all have their soft spots for Isaac, explore 1 or more of their views on why.

Characters: Axl Heck, Rev. Tim-Tom

Axl’s an adult now, and I’d like to see him wrestle with adult problems. Maybe he’s struggling in a job that’s not as awesome as he’d expected to get. Maybe living on his own for the first time is harder than he expected. Maybe he’s having girl trouble (or boy trouble, if you want to introduce it within the framework of Axl being closeted and just starting to really come to terms with his sexuality) or wants to get married (after finding someone so much better than April) or there’s an unplanned pregnancy in his future. Just give Axl some adult drama, and if you got here by way of a Rev. Tim-Tom offering (or are just so inspired) make him be who Axl reluctantly goes to for guidance when he realizes he doesn’t want to take these problems to his family.  What sort of advice would The Reverend Timothy Thomas give? How does he see Axl compared to the rest of the Hecks? Would they bond over guitars and music? 

Fandom-specific DNW: 
They definitely fall under my age-gap general DNW, but I also don't want Axl to be nursing an unrequited crush on Tim-Tom, if his angst is sexuality based.

Character: Quentin Lance

Prompt: Quentin looks around the bunker at all the disguises and gear lining the walls and remembers when the kids used to put on masks to get candy, not criminals.
Fandom-specific DNWs: Drunken Quentin. Excessive Sarah or Laurel angst. You may want to set your story in a time where one or both of them are dead (or "dead"), and that's fine, but I'd prefer him to have a decent grip on his horses.
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My poor little triceps

There's a 12-minute arm workout that I was doing a couple times a week. I hadn't done it in a while, because I hurt my finger and gripping things was hard. But I tried it again on Friday, and it was hard, but I felt fine after.

The Saturday happened.

They feel mostly better today, but I can still tell I did stuff Friday. And now I die a little every time I can't sleep, because sleep is apparently when your body produces the most of some hormone that repairs muscle.

Here's the workout (the tricep kickbacks are the bane of my existence.)
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Continuing to increase my journal usage

 One of the things I want to do is make a habit of posting here more often. Probably not daily, but I do want to get thoughts out into the world more often. A lot of the time, I'll start a Leisure Time post and get so fussy about making it perfect that it takes weeks and weeks to actually get it posted. This is my place to not be like that.

One of the things I do to keep me from just being a lump on a log all the time, is I have a 15-item  list of things I could or should be doing. It ranges all the way from riding my bike and cleaning house to writing a fanfic or watching TV/a movie (actually, those are subdivided into Current TV, Old TV, Streaming Movie and Movie on Disc). When I hit those moment where I just don't know what I want to be doing, I'll pull up a random number generator (or now I can just ask my Amazon Fire Stick), get a random number and do whatever it says. I have a similar list with the 30 goddamn shows I'm watching with varying degrees of regularity, so if I land on "watch a show" and can't pick, I just random-number that, too.

Just now I landed on "organize my dreamwidth." That turned into reading the latest News post and finding a bunch of communities to follow.  Maybe I'll get to all that tag wrangling next time. But right now, before I forget, I need to go figure out how to make rich-text cuts work. Because I tried to put a cut in one of my previous posts, and it just messed everything up. And I really don't feel like hand-coding.
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Let's get organized!

So, I've now imported three journals over here and I was always kind of crazy and inconsistent with tags on all of them. Not just like sometimes using "fanfiction" and somethings using "fanfic" or "fic" but, like, I would just have stupid tags. One for "distractions" another for "memes." One for "life," another for "friends." I even have a random tag for casseroles!

So, I'm very close to just chucking all the tags I have, going back to day one (March 29, 2004), and doing a total journal review, installing new tags as I go. So, this is the post where I'm going to try to create a set taglist for better organization.
I know there are some basic lifestyle tags that I know I want:
Life, work, school, health, fitness

And then there are interest tags that I want
Movies, television, books, games, writing, fanfiction, vidding

And then things start to get hairy.

I know I want a food tag, but do I also need a recipes tag? I guess I do, because I have some posts that are actual recipes, and then there's this Fruity Cheerios review.

So let's add 
Food, recipes

Of course, if you check that fruity cheerios review, you'll see it also tagged with "review" - and there's another "reviews" tag that both combine to include reviews of TV episodes and movies. I think a Reviews tag makes sense in the context of reviewing complete things -- movies, books, games, cereals -- but less sense applied to individual episodes of shows. That just seems like a recipe for tag overcrowding. So: Let's have this:

Reviews (for complete things only)

But that does bring up my next-to-last issue: How do I handle TV shows and franchises?

I could just list the titles and do my best to conform between posts (eg: Pick an SG-1 style and stick with it), but I've also seen people do tags that are like:

TV: Angel, TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc., so that all of their TV tags were neatly organized in their side panel. The same sort of thing could apply to movies and books, I'm just not sure how necessary it is.

Also, I'm  not sure how to handle those more random posts. There was a while there where I was doing a lot of online quizzes and whatnot. I guess there could just be a quizzes and memes tag. Or, just a "random" tag.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on tagging organization?
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 Just an FYI, I'm currently importing my journal over to my long defunct Dreamwidth, and that's probably where I"ll be posting from now on. (To the extent that I post at all; I realize I haven't actually been around that much.) Everything with the new TOS that's only officially in Russian gives me the heebs. My username there is the same as here WITHOUT THE UNDERSCORE.

If any of my friends are already over there, let me know!

NaNoWriMo: Hogwarts Crawl - Year One

Once again, I'm NaNoWrimo-ing. Once again it's not with a singular new story, but with a series of gift fics for an exchange and works on other WIPs. I swear, one day I'm going to start something completely fresh and let it be my thing. I've got a few incompletes that started that way, and one rushed win that's never seen the light of day since I hit submit on the wordcount in...2008, I think? It was a Stargate SG-1/Supernatural crossover that made Cam a Winchester cousin. But I digress.

One of the fun little things I'm doing to encourage word count is the Hogwarts crawl.

Hogwarts Crawl Year One:
I'm a very slow writer, not necessarily because I'm slow at writing, but because I get very distracted between scenes or sometimes I'll stop writing and just end up thinking for 20 minutes or whatever. But the end result is that it takes me a long time to get through things, usually, which makes me muggleborn and earns me 2 galleons for my vault. (Galleons can be used to skip challenges at Hogwarts.

At Ollivander’s wand shop, I rolled a 6, which means I had to do a word sprint for 600 words. It's not much of a sprint. I rolled it last night and just finished this evening. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right wand, you know. I took one of the ubiquitous "What Wand Would I Have?" quizzes and came up with this:

Holly wand with unicorn hair core
Your wand is made from rarely used Holly wood, with a core of Unicorn Hair. This type of wand bonds deeply with its first owner, sacrificing some power for reliability and consistency. This probably means that you're a very dependable person. Users are rarely seen to defect to the dark side, which has led to some witches and wizards thinking of Unicorn Hair wands as a symbol of the light.

I wrote for 15 minutes -- a little more actually -- and increased my word count by 541 words to 1,616. For this, I got an owl. I could have picked a cat or a toad, but I figured the owl would be pretty self-sufficient and wouldn't walk all over my homework or eat my quills. Or be a gross old toad.

A total wordcount of 2,000 (rounding up to the nearest thousand) got me to to King's Cross Station, where a roll of a die x50 for 300 words (2,300 total) got me some pumpkin pasties to snack on during the train ride.

I decided to shoot for Ravenclaw or Slytherin since Gryffindor and Hufflepuff had challenges I wasn't really feeling.
Writing to the nearest thousand (448 words to 3,000) would put me in Ravenclaw
Writing 750 words (total 3302) in 30 minutes would be Slytherin.

I don't know if it was sneaky or smart, but I decided to write for 30 minutes and whichever total I was closest to would be my house. Inded with 3,091 words and a seat at the Ravenclaw table. To talk with my new mates, I did the three digit challenge (writing the number of words that make up the last three digits of another user's wordcout) for the first Ravenclaw I saw above me in the NaNoWriMo thread -- 299 words to 3,653.. I stopped at 3,713, so it must have been a good conversation.

The next crawl challenge was to write for an hour, which I don't have time for right now, so instead I just did a word sprint and then finished the moment I was working on, bringing my total to date to 4,106. I don't think I'll hit the 6,666 I need to be on par by the end of the day, but my goal is to try to not be more than a day behind, and I *might* be able to hit 5,000 on my dinner break.

Writing for an hour while getting used to classes brought me 1038 words (new total 6,660) and got me 2 Galleons...from the magical writing fairy, I guess?

I successfully directed Harry Potter to Binns' class (257 words in 7 minutes) and he gave me a galleon, bringing my

After running into the three-headed dog with Harry and friends, I made it back to my dormitory and wrote 204 words (200 required) to calm down, bringing my total so far to: 7,713
Troll in the dungeon! Apparently I'm a Harry Potter hanger-on and encountered the troll as well. A 268-word sprint (250 required) brings my total to 8,153 words.

I'm going to keep editing this post until I reach the end of Year One on this crawl and then make a new one for Year 2.

Dear Yuletide writer

Hello, friend! I'm very interested to see what we matched on, and what you come up with! If we matched on more than one thing, there are some canons here where it might seem like I am more enthusiastic than others. Don't let that deter you from writing one of the others. When it comes to new fanfic, I am equally excited for everything here. If you'd like to find out more about some of things I've written or bookmarked in the past, you can find me on Ao3 under the username Cyren2132.

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weekend plans

It's my weekend, and I've got some plans. There will of course be housework. So much housework.

But also, today I'm going to commit to finishing a Harry Potter fic last updated three years ago. I've got the bulk of the text written, I just really struggled with the formatting of it, because the chapter is a story being told by a character but is also scenes from that story. But I figure, somebody took the time yesterday to leave an honest to god review on an apparently abandoned WIP; the least I can do is finish it.

And then tomorrow I've been avoiding a blog about my evolving thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie's existence, and I'm running out of time to make that post before the movie drops. So, that's the goal for then.

Also, I"ll probably finish Star Trek: TNG (or come darn close). I've got five episodes left; six if you count the two-part finale as two, but Netflix doesn't. I"ll be sad to be done with it. But, there are always my Sims, for which I must have done something right: Though Troi and Riker are married (and as soon as Lal and Alexander are out of the house will be having twins Majel and Barrett), Troi and Worf are very, very close friends, and I played no part in making that happen. Were something to happen to Riker, they'd totally end up together, I"m sure.

Also, all the HP kids are in college now, and I must have done something right there, too. Harry's life's ambition? Become Captain Hero. Draco's? Be a Criminal Mastermind. Some wires must have gotten crossed for Ron and Hermione, though, because he rolled the lawyer career track for his ambition, and she got the Intelligence (CIA, basically) career track. I can actually see that for her, but I struggle to see it for Ron. Oh, and Percy was the first one to become a wizard, and the twins just barely didn't flunk out of college. When they do leave, whether its by way of graduation or being kicked out, they're going to open a shop that sells toys, robots and maybe baked goods, because that's as close as I can get to Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, I think.